Southern Cross Register - Windmills




Mill NoSizeTypeYearConditionHistoryNameArea
12284 ZB1933   South Africa
194376'ZA1935RunningPurchased from property 6kms south of Lake Goldsmith, Vic, May 2017  
23675 Z     
3893210'ZC1940   Qld
38932 Z1940    
40265 ZB1941    
41518 Z1941    
42552 Z1941    
47208 Z1942    
48918 Z1942 Still supplying house and garden On a 16 foot four post tower with odd broken bits of another 1930's mill scattered on ground  
54451 ZC1944 Acquired from Gympie Qld but not the original installation. Remarkably good and will undergo full restoration Qld
54174 Z1944 Fell in storm,damaged Bought from a old dairy farm Benarkin north QLD Will be repaired and stood on a property at Ellesmere QLD   
5506612’Z1945 Original still in use  
5510212’ZD1944Restoredhave completely repaired and rebuilt, and it is now working in my front yard and is soon to start pumping water for household use. 06 Nth Qld
629168’Z1945 Original still in use  
63939 Z1945 Model za1c -wet sump / 6ft fan /24ft tower / 3 legged, purchased off a farm at pine lodge ( near shepparton ) Victoria .Mill had been on the ground for the last 25 years . Now relocated to Rushworth -vict. Tower has undergone a full rework including a new iron bark platform & new legs into the ground Followed tower erection instructions as set out in a S.Cross manual of a 1950 vintage.The gear box/ engine head had a lot of very worn , broken parts , along with completely worn out main shaft bearings. Near new orginal pinion gears / a new orginal bronze oil scraper & new crank arms have been fitted. In terms of having the gearbox -main shaft bearings recast in white metal , due to the excessive cost involved have opted to line-bore the casting & then fit 3 x self lubricating brass bearing shells. ( took 7 hours to set up &bore on a small vertical milling machine ) I have been able to source parts thru a 88 year old local who used to service mills when he -was in his twenties. Hardest part to date has been repainting the southern cross name onto the corrugated iron tail.-Next stage is to refit gear box & fan into the stub tower . Peter  
657826’Z1945 Original still in use WA
66285 ZD1945    
66887 ZB1B1946    
69104 ZB 1946 Currently On the ground (2020) for service and repair of platform and relocation over Well as New shed built on previous location. new location 10 meters north. Considering powder coating in Flouro Orange and New Flouro Orange tail for high visibility as I am a Hang glider pilot and land in the Paddock next door.  
677226'ZA    South Africa
693148'ZB1946 The windmill was bought early 2022 after sitting unused on a farm in Wilsons Plains Qld for years, now mechanically restored but retains its original patina is now pumping dam water on our place in Walloon Qld  
849626’ZA1948 purchased new by previous farm ownerRobYoung
93160 Z1950 I rescued it from a development bulldozer, but a large Box Thorn had bent the three  legs so badly that it collapsed when the tree was removed from it. I can’t   match the steel used, but will use a slightly larger angle to replace the three lower sections and should have it re-erected   in a working condition. The wheel  is in good condition, but the pump is a little rustedDavidVic
998538’ZB1950 came from Rye ParkRobYoung
883558'ZB1949 Purchased from Kenmore Park Stn 2004  
94365 Z1950 Seen at the clearing sale for Volo Station Wilcannia. Destined for scrap no bids, the remains of a windmill head laying on the ground  
10310610'ZC1951 Being restored for use on property in Bridgetown. Western Australia. Purchased in Perth metro area off rural holding in Wellard.. 30 kms south of Perth  
112834 ZB     
1321908'IZ1957 All original parts ...nothing broken  
139805 IZD1959 Some fan blades need replacing  
144340 IZC1960 The tripode is in good condition  
144700 IZB     
14668710’IZ-C1961OriginalThe mill/gearbox will be reconditioned and windmill reerected Qld
14673810’IZ-C1961OriginalStill in use Qld
14927910’IZ-C1962OriginalStill in use Qld
14937410’IZ-C1962OriginalStill in use Qld
16231312’IZ-D1967OriginalStill in use Qld
16331610’IZ-C1967OriginalStill in use Qld
1332436'IZ1957Working  Qld