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This register is to record all machinery made by the Toowoomba Foundry at Toowoomba Queensland, Windmills, stationary engines, pumps, lawn mowers, generators plus any other products they made.

The Toowoomba Foundry under the brand name "Southern Cross" made Steam engines as early as 1876. The first petrol engine appeared in 1910 and is a copy of a English engine from the ‘Bristol Wagon & Carriage Company’, called a "Victoria". Southern Cross ceased making engines by 1920.

Southern Cross was also agents for other makes of engines McDonald Imperial Super Diesel engines from 1921/23. In 1922 Southern Cross was selling a Farm Pump Engine called "Challenge Farm Pump" made by Roseberry Company Sydney NSW.

Southern Cross also were agents for Fuller & Johnson Farm Pump engines up until Southern Cross went back into engine manufacture in 1926.

There is very little left of records before 1926 as most were destroyed, the records from 1926 are quite good which means I can date all engines and most windmills, generators, pumps where there is a serial number or a guide of date by the cast letters.

Register last updated 9 May 2024.