Southern Cross Register - EDG


509950hp four cylinder diesel 1962 to 1974


Engine NoModelYearConditionHistoryNameArea
67904EDG1963Excellent running originalPurchased from SC new by DK Salisbury Koarlo Goondiwindi, irrigated crops, pumped from Yelllow Bank reserve, kept in good condition still at Goondiwindi, was running fine last time it was used. Unrestored still original as was purchased  
69856EDG1964completeFor sale in TOMM Vic
72026EDG1965Unrestored KenMackay
87084EDG1974UnrestoredI have recently saved an engine from the scrapyard which had been left in the front yard of a derilict house.  The house had been vandalised beyond belief but the engine has survived intact, except for a missing injector pump. It is still painted in what I believe is original paint being dark green with southern cross in raised white letters.  It is an air cooled diesel with a large belt driven fan and has a large oil cooler, Bosch dynamo, and a seperate wall mounted control box (gauges missing)  2/07 S.A.