Southern Cross Register - ECB


5743602hp Petrol 1960 to 1970


Engine NoModelYearConditionHistoryNameArea
59246ECB1960 KXC mower  
59346ECB1960 KXC mower  
60124ECB1960 KXD Mower  
60144ECB1960 Mower lived in kingeroy all, its life. Mowed many a lawn, now lives in mackay  
60305ECB1960 KXC Mower  
61240ECB1960 KXD mower I purchased it at rocklea swap meet 20 yrs ago runs like a clock (entered 2019)   
61359ECB1960 KXC mower Qld
61368ECB1960 KXD Mower  
61409ECB1960 Jet pump  
61434ECB1960 KXC Mower  
61475ECB1960 KXD Mower  
62279ECB1961 mower  
62360ECB1961 near complete, running, slight oil leak from bottom seal, cracked base.  
62432ECB1961 KXC Mower  
62433ECB1961 KXC mower  
62480ECB1961 KXD Mower  
63781ECB1961 Came from Pittsworth. I bought it from a bloke who works for DPI. He bought it from a retired farmer in Pittsworth who had been mowing his lawn with it up until fairly recently. I'm not sure how he used it because the blades were worn down to tiny stubs. It is complete apart from the two back wheels which were replaced at some time. It is not restored, but in good original working condition. No oil leaks. It has one minor repair to the base on the RH side and a repair to the handlebar.  
63829ECB1961 near complete, running, slight oil leak from bottom seal, cracked base  
63984ECB1961 KXD Mower  
63964ECB1961UnrestoredLawn MowerIanThuringowa
64010ECB1961 Lawn Mower  
64020ECB1961 KXDMower 
64970ECB1962 Mower  
65002ECB1962 Jet pump  
65117ECB1962 KXD MowerPurchased for spare parts from a secondhand dealer in Grafton who tells me he picked it up at a clearing sale auction 
65151ECB1962 KXD Mower  
65152ECB1962 KXD Mower parts  
65198ECB1962 KXD Mower  
66089ECB1962 KXD Mower  
66131ECB1962 KXD Mower  
66186ECB1962 KXD mower   
66165ECB1962 fairly complete, engine running, no leaks, cracked base  
66322ECB1962 Now fitted to a jet pump ex mower engine  
66417ECB1962 KXD Mower  
66447ECB1962 KXD Mower  
68211ECB1963 Engine only  
69895ECB1964 Jet pump  
69524ECB1963All Original runsJet Pump unite (Pump No 27060)GlenVic
69895ECB1964 Jet Pump unite  
75135ECB1966 Jet pump LS-C 31336  
73778ECB1966 Jet Pump   
75135ECB1966 Jet pump LS-C 31336EdwinQld
75429ECB1966 KXD Mower  
76762ECB1967 Lawn mower  
76857ECB1967 Lawn mower  
76895ECB1967 Lawn Mower KXD  
76960ECB1968 mower  
77025ECB1967 Lawn Mower KXD  
79534ECB1968 Mower KXD  
79610ECB1968UnrestoredEngine Driven Jet PumpIanThuringowa
79697ECB1968 KXD Mower  
82735ECB1970 Mower