Southern Cross Register - PC


707515hp large 'P' made from 1926 to 1931
6hp from 1931 1940 then called 6-7hp
Early tags say P type


Engine NoModelYearConditionHistoryNameArea
25P type1926    
59P type1927    
128P type1927 5hp Lives in the 1934 Qantas Hanger in Parap, Darwin Tag P  
134P type1927 5hp Mark PC  
209P type1927    
214P type1927 5hp Mark PC  
371P type1928 5hp Mark PC  
610P type1929 5hp Mark PC now lives at Qld Heritage Park in Biloela. 2024  
624P type1929 5hp Mark PC  
626P type1929 5hp Mark PC  
632P type1929Unrestored5hp Tag P typeKenMackay
897P type1930 5hp Mark PC  
937P type1930    
970P type1930 5hp Mark PC Pimpama Auction who bought it ?  
1301P type1931 6hp Mark PC  
1307P type1031 6hp Mark PC  
1312P Type1931 6hp Mark PC  
1314P type1931 6hp Mark PC   
1324P type1931 6hp Mark PC  
1326P Type1931    
1332P type1931Original6hp Mark PC Running and in original condition. Qld
1345P type1931 6hp Mark PC  
1476P type1931    
1445P type  ?????????  
1478P type1931 6hp Mark PC  
1485P type1931    
1494P trpe1931 6hp Mark PC  
2405P Type1933 6hp Mark PC  
2411P type1934 6hp Mark PC  
2425P type1934 6hp Mark PC  
2593P type1934 6hp Mark PC  
2765P type1934Restored6hp mark pc cooling tank  
2792P type1935 6hp Mark PC  
3104P type1935Restored6hp Mark PCRichardN/Qld
3108P type1935 6hp Mark PC  
3110P type1935 6hp Mark PC Running and in original condition. It came of a bore from Burragan station and has been under water but is in good condition. NSW
3113P type1935 6hp Mark PC  
3124P type1935 6hp MarkPC 
3129P type1935 6hp Mark PC  
3796P type1936 6hp Mark PC  
3797P Type1936 Mark PC 600RPM, 6 HP -- restorableGordenWarren
3819P type1936 Mark PC 6hp  
3820P type1936    
4709PC1937Restored6hp This is a Cooper Badge Engine Vic
4721PC1937 6hp  
4736PC1938Bottom Half Only6hp  
5769PC1938 6 hp  
6056P type1938 6hp Mark PC  
6057PC1938  SteveSA