Southern Cross Register - PB


632613hp large 'P' made from 1927 to 1937
Early tags say P type


Engine NoModelYearConditionHistoryNameAreaImages
102P Type 3hp1927    
115P Type 3hp1927UnrestoredMark PB NSW
162P Type 3hp 1927 Mark PB   
163P Type 3hp1927unrestored,complete,goingMark PB Used as a Dip pump and a Jack pump on a property near Adavale SW QLD Qld
173P Type 3hp1927 Mark PB  
187P type1927 Mark PB  
190P Type 3hp1927 Mark PB  
192P Type 3hp1927 Mark PB  
224P Type 3hp1927 Mark PB  
225P Type 3hp1927 Mark PB  
228P Type 3hp1938 Mark PB  
232P Type 3hp1928 Mark PB  
250P Type 3hp1928 Mark PB History, I was lucky enough to get a copy of the original consignment  note that     shows that this engine was delivered to the Sydney depot, then to a C Marsh of Carroll NSW  
393P Type 3hp1929UnrestoredMark PB running condition.( Future projects) Qld
552P Type 3hp1929 Mark PB  
778P Type 3hp1929 Mark PB  
793P Type 3hp1929 Mark PB  
902P Type 3hp1930 Mark PB  
908P Type 3hp1930 Mark PB  
920P Type 3hp1930 Mark PB  
1074P Type 3hp1930RestoredMark PB N/Qld
1076P Type 3hp1930RestoredMark PBKenMackay
1084P Type 3hp1930RestoredMark PB N/Qld
1098P Type 3hp1930 Mark PB  
1356P Type 3hp1931 Mark PB  
1368P Type 3Hp1931 Mark PB  Found on the Atherton tablelands near Mareeba has lived in a shed for many years. Only seems to missing a few bits could be a potential running engine if I can find some bits
1372P Type 3hp1931 Mark PB  
1478P Type 3hp1931 Mark PB  
1969P Type 3hp1932 Mark PB  
1698P Type1932 Mark PBThis is an interesting engine as there is only 8 engines that were 3 ½ hp It is one of 8 that were reconditioned by Southern Cross and renumbered, what number it was before is not known It is said that other engines were reconditioned but not recorded The engines were returned from Townsville 
1934P Type 3hp1932 Mark PB  
2395P Type 3hp1933 mark pb   
2546P Type 4hp1934restoredCooper badge engine, in pieces but complete, picked up at Yandina QldIanThuringowa
2556P Type 4hp1934 A Cooper badge Southern Cross  
2830P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
3153P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
3162P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
3171P Type 4hp1935 4hp number starts with ‘SC’Cooper Badge SC model PB 4hpJohnNSW
3180P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
3367P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
3733P Type 4hp1935 All the engines from 3733 to 3747 were 4hp PB Southern Cross  
3734P Type 4hp1935 engines with Cooper badges, where are they now ??  
3735P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
3736P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
3737P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
3738P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
3739P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
3740P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
3743P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
3744P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
3745P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
3746P Type 4hp1935 Number starts with ‘SC’ 4hp PB  
3747P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
3751P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB   
3758P Type 4hp1935 Mark PB  
4535P Type 4hp 1937 Mark PB Cooper badge engine number starts with ‘S’ 
4535P Type 4hp1937 Mark PB Cooper badge engine number starts with ‘S’ 
4747P Type 4hp1937RestoredMark PB This one not recorded in SC books has hole in casing originalKenMackay
4751P Type 4hp1937 Mark PB Vic
4757P Type 4hp1937 Cooper badge engine number starts with ‘S’  
4781P Type 4hp1937 Cooper Badged Engine number starts with ‘S’