Southern Cross Register - BFC


6281030hp diesel three cylinders 1946 to 1955


Engine NoTypeYearConditionHistoryNameImages
35555BFC1950"The club owns and operates a Southern Cross BFC ┬ádirect coupled to a 30kva 3 phase Heemaf Hengelo (Dutch?) alternator  1
38174BFC1950 Coupled to gen 6148 
46488BFC1953 Driving generato AOB 7326 1
48308BFC1954abandoned and pilferedFound on a mining tenement, M77/1250, in the Parker Range locality, via Marvel Loch, Yilgarn Shire, WA. It has been there for probably 40 years or more. We know previous lease holders, so we hope to get some more history. We are missing a head, 3 rocker assemblies (pedestals, shafts and rockers). Water pump shaft is bent but no corrosion. Radiator fan smashed. Top half of radiator and the core missing. Injector pumps found without delivery pipes, so probably u/s. Injectors missing. Inside of crankcase a bit dirty, but no corrosion. Bores lightly corroded where visible, piston tops heavily pitted. It was found coupled to a 15kW Southern Cross alternator, which has been field coils, no brush holders, but looks the part!