Southern Cross Register - BEC


12914220hp Diesel twin cylinder 1945 to 1954


Engine NoModelYearConditionHistoryNameAreaImages
28250BEC1948 BEC    History The previous owner acquired it with a property he bought in Wyndham,  (far north Kimberley) but has no history on it. Pistons were siezed due to water entry, but was otherwise in sound condition.  Presume it was re-built at some stage, as big-end journals are .010" undersize and valves and pistons look fairly new.  Injection gear has now been carefully salvaged and re-commissioned at no great expense. I suspect the unit may have  been repaired after external damage, as the radiator looks like a unit from later G series engines, The engine may yet have another life driving a small sugar mill at a local rum distillery which caters to our growing tourist        trade. 2009  
29824BEC1948    1 2
31676BEC1949 Obtained from a local at Coonamble who had aquired it from the Warrana Station wool shed in original condition, unfortunatly it was later burnt in an accidental fire in his timber storage shed, many brass parts ie. the govenor arm etc have been melted, the engine is seized, perhaps the front main has melted, luckily the identification plate has survived ... perhaps one day in the fullness of time it will run againJohnCoonamble
31685BEC1949Unrestored20 HP Twin cylinder water cooled Purchased as a wreck at clearing sale near CowraRobYoung
35475BEC1950Good running conditionThe gent I purchased this engine from acquired it from a scrap yard so no prior history is known. The engine has been placed on a transport and comes with it's original tank and stand and radiator. A little smoky when running, but starts very easily. Vic
35492BEC1950 Condition Lost * History I am putting together some information about the Rockhampton Technical College. I have comes across some correspondence for the early 1950's, when the College took  delivery of a Southern Cross BE-C 20 HP two cylinder diesel engine. It is unclear whether it was purchased through the  States Stores Board or through the Southern Cross office in Rockhampton (they gave the original quotation).     Qld
35507BEC1950 Bought from clearing sale near Gilgandra, said to have powered the Gilgandra Picture Theater ... generator is not now attached .. a complete unit with fuel tank and SC tank mounts, radiator and on a fabricated base JohnCoonamble
35536BEC1950    1
39411BEC1951 CompleteEx Darwin farm pump/ originally ran a generator- still on original base, gen missing, radiator missingNigelNowra
42678BEC1952   Qld
42695BEC1952 The engine was apparently pumping water from the Hawksbury through   9km of pipe. Engine is fairly complete (even with original cast iron radiator) and although very stuck with rust  when I got it, I now have it turning over  
42709BEC1952 20 hp, 2 cylinder, engine onlyM.S.T.E.CMelbourne
42729BEC1952 Bought from Toowoomba via ebay June 2016... was installed into a sawmill in coastal Qld it seems from new,JohnCoonamble
43996BEC1952 restorable maybe / can now be restored 2/07 NSW
44078BEC1952 wrong number   
44947BEC1953 externally rusted and seized This engine assy. was found on a sheep station junk yard in 2021 - engine is complete with radiator assembly, but is missing the following parts - water pump, one sump cover (the one with Southern cross written on it) and both fuel tank stands. Fuel tank is rusted through in places, with filler screen but no lid. One of the crank handle drive lugs has been broken off. 2022 
44968BEC1953   Qld