Southern Cross Register - PA


875492hp small P made from 1929 to 1938
Early tags say P type


Engine NoModelYearConditionHistoryNameAreaImages
? ?PA? ?Lots missingCollected from Townsville used as a garden display for many years  
540P 2hp1930Restoring 2015cooling tank  
1105P 2hp1930 Mark PA  
1112P 2hp1930reastoredMark PA Seen in TOMM Qld
1119P 2hp1930 Mark PA  
1127P 2hp1930 Mark PA  
1145P 2hp1930 Mark PA Qld
1148P 2hp1930RestoredMark PAKenMackay
1187 P2hp1930    
1208P 2hp1930 Mark PA  
1219P 2hp1931Restored Mark PA acquired from the Dagg family of Kilarney.Qld Bought new in 1931 by Charles Stewart Dagg for dairy use, used until  electricity arrived in 1948,  then used on a saw bench for some years then  stood idle for 40+ years  
1225P 2hp1931 Mark PA Parts Needed Thuringowa
1240P 2hp1932 Mark PA 2hp Wico Mag and was used to drive a vacuum pump  
1277P 2hp1932 Mark PA Hopper on top and with vacuum Pump (P Tag)  1
1718P 2hp1932 Mark PA  
1721P 2hp1932 Mark PA  
1798P 2hp1932    
1806P 2hp1933    
1814P 2hp1933    
1815P 2hp1933 spair parts  
2158P 2hp1933 Mark PA  
2163P 2hp1933 Mark PA I picked up the engine from a farm in Busselton, the engine is 2 hp, and has a brass covered EK magneto, it is hopper cooled and the original galvanized fuel tank is bolted to the water hopper, it has two solid flywheels.  
2168P 2hp1933 Mark PA  
2175P 2hp193 Mark PA  
2198P 2hp1933 Mark PA  
2452P 2hp1933 Mark PA  
2772P 2hp1935    
2972P 2hp1935Only 85%Mark PA Nardoo Station  
3025P 2hp1935 Attached to vacume pump   
3042P 2hp1935    
3367P 2hp1935 Mark PA  
3377P 2hp1935 Mark PA  
3859P 2hp1936RestoredMark PA  
3869P 2hp1936    
4281P 2hp1936    
4647P 2hp1937    
4665P 2hp1937 Marl PA  
4980PA1937 Cooper badged engine   
4990PA1937  PeterVIC
5013PA1937RestoredRecovered from Barcaldine Qld after in the bush for seventeen years NSW
6028PA1938   North Qld